Permanent Cosmetics
by Linnea Frisk


Enhance your features!

Permanent Cosmetics provides you with color on the three main focal points of the face, eyebrows, lips, and obviously
the eyes.  

By enhancing your own features, my procedures are customized for each individual bone structure, color tone, and
personal preference, since no two faces are the same.

About Linnea:

Linnea Frisk has a background in the medical field, and has received extensive training in the Permanent Cosmetic
Industry.  She has received praise from the San Antonio City Council on  her accomplishment for re-zoning her previous
location to be able to provide permanent cosmetics  for that area.  Her credentials include:  Licensing through the Texas
Health Department, AIIC certified, and received Certificates for the following: Qualification of Achievement, Qualification
in Appreciation for excellence and professionalism, and  Qualification of Attendance for Permanent Cosmetics Seminars,
for having maintained the highest standards of excellence and continuing to excel with permanent cosmetics.  Linnea
has specialized in Permanent Cosmetics for eight years.  She has also provided Skin Care with her Non-Surgical Face
Lift, for the past six years.

“Every permanent cosmetic technician has their own techniques as well as style and training level.  I have successfully
mastered various techniques to create any look from very natural to the more dramatic with Permanent Cosmetics.  
Have you noticed how great permanent cosmetics, appears on friends or family, but still have questions regarding your
own permanent cosmetics?  I believe in educating my clients, by answering all questions pertaining to procedures
performed.” Linnea Frisk

After the initial procedure you may receive a touch-up procedure for the purpose of fuller shaping, or if you would like to
try a darker pigment, these applications are normal, due to some of the color shedding during the healing process.  
Avoid correctional touch-ups which may include improper placement, or the wrong color all together, from a technician
who lacks the training and knowledge regarding permanent cosmetic procedures.   Additional time for each procedure is
allotted for every client.  During your consultation and procedure you are guaranteed to be provided with the highest
level or professionalism with a personal touch.  If you have previously had a negative experience with another
technician, I would love to be given the opportunity to change your opinion, and show you the difference at Permanent
Cosmetics by Linnea Frisk, as I have with so many other clients.

                                Sterile Equipment and Environment Provided

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